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“I really like the placement process of Datapoint, everyone is working really hard for all employees so that they could get easily placed in best companies, I was really lucky that I got placed in our first interview.”

( - Ms. A. Meghana )
Datapoint, Hyderabad.

Staffing & Recruitment

At Datapoint we constantly work with clients’ requirements in mind. Precisely why we have huge experience in a range of fields like Microsoft Technologies.

We have vast experience of search and selection procedures and have well developed screening methods to find the ‘right fit’.

Based on the assignment specifications given by our clients. Datapoint will identify potential sources, gather resumes of suitable candidates, and conduct initial screening. We will make arrangements for our clients to interview the short listed candidates. In Contract Services, Datapoint can meet our clients' most specific needs by sourcing and managing the right professionals with the relevant experience and the correct attitudes. We have successfully assisted many in the IT industry in sourcing for contract professionals. We have the confidence that we can extend the same service to you.

Recruitment is also done through advertisement in Newspapers for people with prior experience. And we have a referral scheme …,By which our employees can recommend prospective candidates for Recruitment. If the candidate is selected and joins the company, then a bonus provided to the employee who has recommended the candidate.

“We hire outstanding people”

Innovative and flexible approach to every project