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“Many congratulations for tour successful completion of the program regarding the Projects.As you have completed the tenure towards the training and project development in our campus. At the end of the program I (HOD) & all our lectures were very much satisfied with your work. Hence the Department of EEE has decided to appreciate you for the successful completion of the project. Once again congratulations and hope you will maintain this attitude and dedication throughout your future programs.”

(- Dr. K.Purushotham, Dept of EEE)
Ananthalakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Anantapur.


We work on modelling and simulating electrical power systems including three-phase machines, electric drives, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) and renewable energy systems. Load flow, and other key electrical power system analyses are automated. We can add mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and other components to the model and test them together in a single simulation environment. To deploy models to other simulation environments, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems and we can support up to C-code generation.

We are working on Test case design, test procedure and test script development by analysing the system behaviour requirements, performance specifications and vehicle features. we support for Setting up of HIL system for system validation (Familiar with HIL system functionality, hardware/software tool set, Hardware IO requirements, Sensor and actuator signal interfaces in Body and Chassis Electrical systems). Even we support for Automotive Body and Chassis Embedded ECUs System Software Validation using HIL systems such as dSPACE and Vector tools.

The MOS technology is considered as one of the very important and promising technologies in the VLSI design process. The circuit designs are realized based on pMOS, nMOS, CMOS and BiCMOS devices. a hardware description language (HDL) is a specialized computer language used to program the structure, design and operation of electronic circuits, and most commonly, digital logic circuits.

We are feeling great to announce Model based software development (using MATLAB / SIMULINK and automatic code generation) providing programming using C,C++,Java, MATLAB designing of the software module and Testing And for Plant modelling and Auto Code Generation Embedded Coder, Targetlink by dSPACE

  • We support on fuzzy and neural network tool box
  • We support for control system design and stability analysis
  • We support for IEEE solution with higher accuracy
  • We support for SIL(Software in Loop) , MIL(Model in Loop) testing
  • We support for application development using GUI
  • We support for all converter design and development

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